Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Alt Valentine

Alt Valentine
Roses have thorns
Violets don't last
I curse you were born
That our love is past
An alt squeeze
You put in our bed
Oh what a wheeze
To see you dead
Revenge I'd take
'Cept she got in first
Your manhood did bake
My hunger just burst!
F.A.Wilson 11/02/17

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Brexit One Britain Response

Letter received 18/07/2016

Thank you for sharing your views with me following the result of the United Kingdom's Referendum.

I am sad about the choice of the British people. The European Commission worked hard to keep the United Kingdom in the European Union.

European leaders offered the United Kingdom a fair deal that reflected their hope that the United Kingdom remained part of the European Union.

This is an unprecedented situation but the European Union will stand strong and uphold its core values of promoting peace and the well-being of its peoples.

I truly hope that the United Kingdom will be a close partner of the European Union in the future.

I wish you well

Jean-Paul Juncker.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Brexit Vytenis Andriukaitis

Comment upon Vytenis Andriukaitis' blog entry message to the UK

Hi Vytenis

Thank-you so much for your kind words. I'm glad there are still some in the Council of Ministers who can see past 'that man' and understand that my country is torn in two. For every one person who got their country back there is another who feels they just lost it.

Personally, I voted remain. 50% for economic stability at a time when Britain is still paying off the Global Recession hang-over and 50% because I remember my parent's and grand parents' stories of Europe re WW2. I understood the dream of 'Europa'. I shared concerns over political integration and other issues but saw those as resolvable without leaving.

I lost that dream.

I then see a 57% increase in hate crime within my country in the space of a week. I have flashbacks to my youth in the 1970s/80s when such scenes played out on TV just about every day. Bovver boots pounding pavements. Police baton charging. Blood.

I had hoped my country was past such things. That we understood. I hoped never to live long enough to see history repeat.

I lost that dream too.

I turn to my elected representatives to show solidarity, only to see a few locked into ideology warfare instead of pulling together to make the decisions so much needed. I am disgusted. So much so I wote to the Speaker of the House of Commons asking him to remind the house of their duty.

It's not the decision of my countrymen I mourn but the pain it has caused, particularly to the younger members who feel they have lost their future.


Brexit From A Friend

From a chatty email to a friend :
"Sorry, am trying to be chatty but I seem to have developed some novel form of Tourettes since Friday. Symptoms include moronaphobia, mythbusting, facepalming and general Faragerage."

Brexit Thanks Ms M

Letter dated 29/06/2016

Dear Ms Merkel

I want to thank you for being one of the few leaders that kept calm and helped others keep their head in the first few days of my country voting to leave the EU. Frankly, the behaviour of some of my own representatives, albeit a minority, both embarrases and angers me. As for that man, Farage, well, I can only apologise to you and the rest of the Council of Ministers.

I wanted to stay as I shared the dream that is 'Europa'. Yes, and some of the concerns over further integration and other issues. But mainly the dream.

The actions of the few in my country who are using the result to commit acts of violent race hate to expat Germans and other nationalities makes me ashamed to be British.

One sad Brit,

Kind Regards,

Fiona Wilson


I was born in 1963. As I grew up and started taking notice of the world, hate crime was a daily news article, reports more common than a politician's lies. Hours of video footage of National Front marches, often resulting in riots as answering marches sought to silence the voices of the haters, to convince them their view was toxic to the very things they wanted.

Scenes of extreme Police brutality as the rioters were clubbed to the ground or washed flat by fire hoses. The innocent being caught in the cross-fire. 

I'd hoped never to live long enough to see history repeat. I'd hoped this country had got past such nonsense, such poison. My dream of that died today.

The far right and other nationalists are once again hijacking phrases from mainstream politics, distorting the Brexit Leave campaign's banner slogans, making them darker, blackening their original intent.

I hear of 'go home' notices filled with hate being pushed through the letterboxes of anyone who is suspected of being a foreign national, anyone 'other'

I hear a white German woman, resident in the UK for decades, sobbing over the airwaves, choking on her fear as she describes shit being lobbed at her home, of being jeered at and told to f^^k off back home. She sits alone as she waits for help, the German embassy dumbfounded by her plea for help, her only comfort, the voice of LBC's anchorman.

I read a post from a white, British friend telling me she's had abuse hurled at her in the street, Yes, she looks like she might be very slightly Vietnamese or Thai, so that's enough to make her unwelcome in Britain in their eyes.

I read a teacher describing how one part of her class are in tears from their parents anxieties that they might be 'sent home' whilst another group parrots their parent's jubilation that they 'got their country back'.

I watch again the banners, the hijacking of my flag, the sound of bovver boots on tarmac as the haters reclaim 'their country'.

I want no part of such things. I want no such definition of 'my country'. I will tolerate no such toxin near me or those around me. I wish I could fully remember how we pushed these thugs back into the slime from which they came last time but, for now, it's hard to think clearly over my sorrow, or to get past gagging on my disgust.

But I will.

Then I, and every other Brit who feels as I, will be coming after you.To once more make you part of the ooze from whence you came.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Brexit Passion

I have been trying to channel my anger and sadness into something more positive in the last 24 hours however I've come home to more pieces on what went wrong and futile hopes that things were different or could be overturned.
There are still folk who think I am angry at the result. NOPE. Saddened, yes. Angry, No.
So, in the hope that in explaining how I feel, it may help others channel their passion into something more positive and inspire some of you to DO something about your frustrations rather than just talk about it.....
.... And yes I do mean ALL of you, not just remain voters.....
-I am angry that it got to the point we needed to have a referendum in the first place.
- I am angry that we didn't tighten up the rather flabby (indeed, any) legal or legislative definition of the referendum. It's NOT 'advisory' if no politician would ignore the result for fear of setting the country alight if they did.
- I am angry at those of the press that have fed us misinformation about the EU for forty years, painting it as a monster to be got rid of - most human endeavours have good as well as the bad.
- I am angry that neither side presented a simple, clear, set of reasons for their position rather than indulging in hustings style mud slinging and obsfuscation. It was a DECISION vote, not an OPINION vote so an OPINION style campaign was NOT appropriate.
- I am angry that so many people on BOTH sides are sitting wondering what the hell happened, realising far too late that there were gaps in their understanding of the issues.
- I am MAD AS HELL at the self-indulgent behaviour of some of our elected representatives who have spent days since the result persuing their OWN agenda and career aspirations rather than focusing on reassuring both us and the rest of the world that this isnt the End of Days.
- I am angry that it would seem that only the House of Lords and the Bank of England thought it would be helpful to have a plan for the days ahead for BOTH possible outcomes PRIOR to Refendum Day.
- Most of all, I am ENRAGED by the hate crime surge.
So.... if you have all this passion, do you let it eat you up or do you turn into affirmative action for positive change?
I've chosen to ACT.
I have written to the Speaker of the House of Commons requesting him to remind certain MPs of their duty.
I have tried to show that it is easier than you think to find out the reality behind the smoke and mirrors - my posts on how to find out what's going on in our elected bodies and what your MP's stand is on given issues.
I have volunteered as a union rep for many years and also on a public consultation body for the NHS.
I am going to learn more about voting systems and join the Electoral Reform Society.
So, my challenge to you, for those who dare, who among you is also going to act?
There are many way of being 'political', some take time and effort, others mere minutes. Even something like arranging a litter pick is 'political'.
You know what, I'm going to offer a small prize at Christmas for the person who's done the most.
With love,
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